‘The Mandalorian’ Recap: Chapter 1: The Mandalorian — Season 1, Episode 1

The Mandalorian accepts a dangerous mission: to retrieve a mysterious bounty.

“The Mandalorian,” a live-action series set within the Star Wars universe, takes place five years after the fall of the Galactic Empire. The show follows the exploits of a solitary bounty hunter, steeped in the traditions of Mandalorian culture.

Retrieving a Bounty

The series opens with a group of Trawlers accosting a man named Mythrol. Their altercation is interrupted by the arrival of the Mandalorian, known simply as “Mando.” The Trawlers turn their attention to Mando, but he swiftly dispatches them with deadly efficiency. Mando approaches Mythrol and places a bounty puck on his table, to which Mythrol attempts to bribe Mando for his freedom. Mando coolly responds, “I can bring you in warm, or I can bring you in cold,” his hand resting on his weapon.

As Mando and Mythrol set out for Mando’s ship, a pre-Empire Razor Crest, the driver warns them to stay off the treacherous ice. Unfortunately, his caution goes unheeded as a monstrous creature bursts through the ice, devouring the driver and his vehicle. The beast sets its sights on the Razor Crest, preventing it from taking off with its massive jaws. Mando, unfazed, electrocutes it with his vibroblade.

Despite his earlier failed attempts at bribery, Mythrol uses the excuse of needing to use the restroom to search for an escape from the ship. As he wanders the ship, he discovers Mando’s arsenal and three individuals encased in Carbonite. Mythrol joins them as the fourth.

A New Bounty

Mando journeys to an unnamed planet to deliver his bounties to Greef Carga, the head of the bounty hunter guild. As he inquires about potential jobs, Greef presents him with a high-paying opportunity, one that requires him to meet the client in person and comes with no bounty puck. Mando accepts the job.

Upon arriving at the designated meeting spot, Mando enters a room filled with four stormtroopers and a mysterious figure adorned with an Imperial Medallion. To his surprise, Dr. Pershing also enters the room, nearly inciting a firefight.

Once tensions have dissipated, Mando learns that this bounty is unique. Instead of a puck, he is given a tracking fob and told that the bounty is 50-years-old who must be brought back alive, though proof of termination is accepted for a reduced fee. The client, Herzog, also provides Mando with a piece of Baskar metal as a down payment for his services.

Mando Needs to Prepare

Mando leaves the meeting and travels directly to the Mandalorian colony on the planet. He presents the Baskar piece to the armorer, who reveals that it was acquired during the Great Purge. As she crafts a shoulder piece for Mando, he experiences flashbacks of the attack that left him as a foundling. The Baskar piece he donated will aid other foundlings in obtaining gear. The new shoulder piece on Mando’s armor gives it a more rugged and mismatched appearance.

He arrives in a desert area and uses the tracking fob to locate his target. He is ambushed by Blurrgs but is saved by an Ugnaught named Kuiil, who agrees to assist him. Kuiil has helped other bounty hunters in the past, but they all met their demise trying to capture this particular bounty. Kuiil explains to Mando that he needs his help, particularly with taming a Blurrg, in order to reach the bounty. Mando struggles to tame the female Blurrg, as the males are typically eaten after mating, but Kuiil reminds him of his ancestors’ role in writing The Great Mythosaur, which helps Mando to relax and approach the creature gently. The Blurrg eventually allows Mando to ride her.

Kuiil leads Mando to the compound where the bounty is being held. Before departing, Kuiil explains that since the bounty’s arrival, constant conflict has plagued the area. Kuiil, who has never met a Mandalorian before, believes that Mando may be the one to restore peace to the region.


As Mando searches for a way to infiltrate the compound, he spots a bounty droid, IG-11, also attempting to retrieve the bounty. Not wanting to lose the opportunity, Mando joins forces with IG-11 and suggests they split the bounty. Together, they use their expert combat skills to locate the bounty, a baby of the Yoda species.

Mando is taken aback as he was told the bounty was 50 years old. IG-11 simply states, “We’ll never know” and draws its weapon. Mando quickly realizes that IG-11 has been given orders to terminate the bounty, while his own orders were to bring it back alive. Without hesitation, Mando shoots IG-11 and extends a finger towards the baby Yoda, who reaches out to Mando.

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