Undervaluing your potential

After being “serious” for so many years, I decided it’s time to have some fun with my topics. I went to YouTube to look for something and came across a young lady who is doing exactly that. Having fun, creating a huge following and handling herself in a way one can’t help but be intrigued….

I went on YouTube looking for something (I seriously forget what it was) and I came across Blair’s videos. Next thing I know 30 minutes went by and I forgot what I went to YouTube for. I was completely fascinated. She’s a young girl that focuses on doing beauty videos.

What caught me at first was the brightness of her room. It’s pink on steroids. I, personally, couldn’t stand looking at that every day but I also realized how that color would not do well where I live. In the summer it would be fine but during fall and winter it wouldn’t look bright. It would have a dingy look to it (if one opened their windows). Artificial light would be needed to ensure the walls did not look dingy.

The second thing that fascinated me is that she seems genuinely happy…like she is a sweet girl. Then somewhere along the way I realized what “really” fascinated me.

She doesn’t have a website.

Note how many followers she has on YouTube. Can you imagine the interactions she could have if she had her own site? She has a contact email for business related emails so it isn’t as though she hasn’t thought of business opportunities. I wouldn’t be surprised if she didn’t receive tons of makeup samples. She’s probably interacting with people of all ages. Males will love her because she’s a cutie and women of all ages wear makeup. She even has a healthy following on Twitter.

But what really impresses me is that she handles herself with more maturity than many adults I know. She’s still having fun but she’s taking care of business. Getting good grades in school. Keeping her room clean. Handling her responsibilities. Making a VERY nice name for herself online…her parents should be proud.

Kudos to Blair. I hope she’ll be an inspiration to some to get off your butt and do something fun! Your passion to do something fun will show and, as you can see in Blair’s case, many times can turn into business opportunities.

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