You too can fly: A Rhyme

So many people taking the next step
Decision making and lots of prep
Making choices to improve their rep
Trying to ensure they don’t take a misstep

There are times when we need to change
Our lives we know we have to re-arrange
And at first it might seem strange
Except it is really only an exchange

Nothing in life stays the same
It’s up to us to maintain a high aim
If we don’t it’s kind of lame
Deep down comes the feeling of shame

The priceless things in life take work
It’s not abnormal to feel like you’ll go berserk
Unfortunately it might seem like you’re a jerk
Instead, focus on the upcoming perks

No one can move forward when they have shackles
You know, those things around the ankles
Those things or people that make life harder to tackle
If you don’t remove them you’ll start to feel rankled

Once they are gone you can have some fun
And realize a new chapter in your life has begun
Looking back you’ll see that you won
Because you refused to be outdone

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