Dealing with narcissistic people


Off and on today I’ve been looking at the comments on this video. Even though he says he does not take requests and explained why, there are a lot people either trying to sneak and make a request or making suggestions on how he “could” take requests. They don’t care about what he wants for his channel…they are selfishly thinking about themselves.

Another set of people in the comments mention how they work in customer service. They complain about customers wanting something free all the time. Satisfaction that the problem was resolved obviously wasn’t enough. There are all types of examples where someone makes a request and it is completely ignored because of someone’s selfish agenda. I talked about this to my kids. My daughter mentioned Justin Bieber as an example…how much hate he received, from ADULTS, when he was just a kid. Those adults would have a problem if their kid was the target of that kind of hate. Or how much hate Rihanna and Chris Brown receive getting back together when, in truth, it really is no one’s business what they do. Absolutely no respect for their decisions.

I don’t have the problem stated in the video on my YouTube channel (yet) but Monica, a psychologist, said these people are selfish and/or narcissistic. She said TotalBiscuit is right to not cater to narcissistic people.

I am very grateful I am surrounded by people who can aid me in finding a way to handle different personality types. As TotalBiscuit said in his video, he gets medically ill trying to cope sometimes and I know many people like him. I prefer to learn from their experience and avoid that, if possible.

Knowledge is power

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