How Not to Kill a Dragon – When A Man Is Driving You Crazy

If you love the wrong person that much, imagine how much you can love the right one.

Hi. My name is Syvionne…and I’m an idiot. More accurately, I was foolishly blinded by desire that I placed myself, and the man was lusting over, in a dangerous situation.


The Iron Bull is a very sexual man. He’s cool with casual sex. Gender and race doesn’t matter. It’s all about the fun and enjoyment. Obviously, religion doesn’t matter either because he slept with people from the Chantry. Consenting adults doing their thing. It was pretty obvious Bull was intrigued by me. Taking me aside when he could to spend time with me. But remember, Bull isn’t about “feelings” so when he encountered me, a woman unlike any he’s encountered before, he knew he might feel more for me than his usual casual encounters.

So while others could sleep with him carelessly, with me…with me, he set the barrier of killing a dragon. Yes, a dragon. I told you, he knows I’m extraordinary….when I’m not letting my lust rule me.

After weeks, and months, of chastity, I started to lose my mind. You see, not only did I have to kill a dragon with him, I couldn’t indulge in adult activities with anyone else as he was protecting his heart. When i finally received my upgrades in Archery, I thought, “finally!!” and headed to the Hinterlands. To slay a dragon that I was under-leveled and under-geared for.

I was determined, so determined I should have heeded the next obvious sign of failure. Bull was scared. He, and the rest of the party, was not behind me. I’m stealthed, going to get into position to kill the dragon and they were back at the entrance of the area but when he saw the dragon, he became convinced, just as I did that we could kill it. But as I attempted, by myself, to come up with a strategy to slay this beautiful beast, I realized Bull had done NOTHING to DESERVE this level of loyalty. Why was I jumping through hoops like this? I saw what the future holds. I have higher priorities. What has he done for me lately? Nothing. He fights by my side to save himself because if I fail to stop Corypheus, we all die. You see it all the time, don’t you? A person trying and trying to make a relationship work that clearly isn’t going to work. So many people try to make a soulmate out of a person they can’t even be good friends with. They spend so much time trying to love the wrong person, imagine if they spent that effort loving the right one? I refused to be one of those people.

In that moment, before I was left alone on the battlefield and took a fireball that incapacitated me, I decided…it’s time to move on.

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