I promise vs. commitment

Whit asked me a couple of questions and instead of writing a book in comments, I decided to do an entry. Which turned into a podcast. o_O The questions:

Question #1: How do I handle multiple dating?
Question #2: When does commitment begin?
Question #3: What’s the time line?
Question #4: When do you say I love you?

The short version: all of these questions boil down to promises vs. commitment. A promise is what someone says they are going to do. I talk about how to tell love from a crush (it’s easy) and how these questions become very easy when taken from the promises vs. commitment perspective.

A note on time lines – when two people are in sync their isn’t a huge disparity between what the two people want and the actions that back that up. You can’t rush it but if you’ve been dating someone for five years and you aren’t living together, no formal relationship, no signs of progressing…that’s not working if one person wants to get married. There is a reason why the relationship isn’t progressing. Real love grows, it becomes stronger over time due to the situations life presents you.

And a note on saying I love you – never rush it. Falling into a deeper state of love is fun…enjoy it.

Grab the podcast (right-click/save as)

*I apologize for the hum in the podcast. Getting a new mic this week….*

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