Jiselle makes a strong debut with “Missed Call” feat. Chancellor

Jiselle comes right out the gate with a solid debut track.

Up and coming South Korean singer Jiselle officially made her debut on February 2 with her first single “받지마 (Missed Call)” featuring Korean-American singer Chancellor.

“Missed Call” was released through MILLION MARKET and SM Entertainment, with lyrics written by Jiselle, Chancellor and Pollen (주찬양). Jiselle and Chancellor also helped compose the song with Maxx Song and Secret Weapon, who also worked on the arrangement.

I fell in love with the song the minute I heard it. It has a dark, R&B sound that compliments Jiselle’s smooth vocal tone. The music video has a very sophisticated and elegant that matches the song perfectly.


All in all, “Missed Call” is a pretty solid debut, and I hope the track, and Jiselle, do really well in Korea and internationally.

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