BTS’ J-Hope looks at the bright side in “Ego” comeback trailer

J-Hope looks back on how past setbacks have shaped his destiny in the final comeback trailer for ‘Map of the Soul: 7″.

The final comeback trailer for BTS’ upcoming Map of the Soul: 7 album dropped earlier today (Feb. 2).

This time J-Hope is front and center for “Outro: Ego” — an upbeat house/dance track that reflects on the regrets and pain J-Hope experienced in the past and how those struggles encouraged him to move forward.

The song and video are more vibrant and colorful than Suga’s “Shadow”, which was much darker and moody. It’s a fitting outro actually — from the darkness comes light.

Map of the Soul: 7 will be released on February 21 at 6pm KST (4am EST/1am PT). BTS will promote the album with their ‘Map of the Soul’ Tour, which kicks off in Seoul on April 11.