‘The Legend of Vox Machina’ Recap: The Killbox — Season 2, Episode 10

Grog confronts his uncle Kevdak, while Scalan learns a long-kept secret.

Summary (TL;DR)

In Exandria, Vox Machina coordinates their next move with their allies in Whitestone and discovers their time in the Fey Realm was much longer than anticipated. Facing his past, Grog challenges Kevdak for control of the Herd, initially struggling but fueled by memories of Earthbreaker Groon. Pike and Scanlan support him, leading to victory and Grog donning the Titanstone Knuckles. Grog frees Zanror, recognizing the young goliath’s defiance against Kevdak, and appoints him the new Thunderlord. Grog’s compassion and leadership inspire the Herd to join Vox Machina’s fight against Umbrasyl.

I’m enjoying the character development Vox Machina is getting this season. In this episode, we learn more about what makes Grog different from the herd.

In Exandria, Lady Kima, Allura, Cassandra, Keeper Yennen and Shaun Gilmore, are discussing strategies. Shaun is straining to maintain a cloaking spell to protect Whitestone from the dragons. Keyleth, Percival, Vax, and Vex arrive after retrieving Fenthras, and learn that their trip to the Fey Realm has been three weeks, instead of three days, in Exandria. They admit they lost track of the other three party members. Allura casts a spell to learn they are alive and in Westruun where the dragon Umbrasyl has taken over. Seeing Grog step forward to challenge Kevdak, they realize their friends might be in trouble. They decide to go there and help.

Grog challenges his uncle, Kevdak, to a duel to restore the honor of the Herd. They begin to fight. Grog is heavily injured, but Pike and Scanlan help him. Grog then remembers the words of his mentor, Earthbreaker Groon, asking where he got his strength from. He rages, giving him the strength to continue fighting. Vox Machina joins the fight and helps him defeat the Herd of Storms.

Pike rushes to Grog’s side, healing him as much as she can, and he rises to his feet, donning the Titanstone Knuckles. The Herd begins chanting his name, and Grog notices Zanror, still shackled. Zanror tells him that he had finally stood up to Kevdak. Grog crushes the shackles, naming him the new Thunderlord of the Herd of Storms. Grog invites the Herd to join forces with Vox Machina and help them slay Umbrasyl.

The Herd and Vox Machina are celebrating in a tavern with music and drinking. Vex and Keyleth update Pike about their adventures, but Keyleth notices Vax standing alone outside. Vax sees a vision of the Matron of Ravens but is interrupted by Keyleth asking him to dance. He declines and walks away. 

Meanwhile, Grog, Zanror, and Percy strategize a trap for Umbrasyl, who returns to town every few days. 

Later, Kaylie flirts with Scanlan during their performance, and they go to her room. Kaylie ties up Scanlan and reveals she is his daughter, before holding a blade to his throat.

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