Smite – Trying Smite (Neith)

Jumping into Smite, I’m greeted by a sexy toon with awesome expressions. While the tutorial is lacking, the amount of work put into character design does not go unnoticed.

I was asked when I was going to try Smite. This seemed like a good time. I’m glad I did. Smite brings something new to the MOBA table. There are many MOBAs in development and it is going to take something unique to compete with League of Legends. And Neith…yeah…she’s hot.

Currently, League of Legends and Dota 2 are the top MOBAs. Dota 2 is very challenging and would be too complicated for the average casual gamer. League of Legends is easier to get into, while still requiring strategy and good teamwork, but is very competitive (even at low levels). Smite offers a new spin by putting the player in the fight, like an MMO. This introduces a new set of challenges. For example, with MOBAs that have a top down view, you can see all around you. With Smite, you don’t have the range of vision. The good news is that Smite offers more casual game play options than the other MOBAs currently offer.

The tutorial is lacking. I crave depth in tutorials like Dota 2 but current, Dota 2 is the king in that department. The tutorials in Smite need reworking. Currently, the only god you can play against is Ra. Giving players better practice areas helps to ensure more quality play when they enter their first real battle.


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