The Legend of Vox Machina Recap: The Terror of Tal’Dorei, Part 2 — Season 1, Episode 2

Vox Machina investigates whether a council member is involved with the recent dragon attacks.

Summary (TL;DR)

After narrowly surviving their encounter with the blue dragon, Vox Machina begins to suspect collusion between a member of the Tal’Dorei Council and the dragon. Initially suspecting Sir Gregory Fince, they discover he’s actually investigating the true traitor: General Krieg. When Krieg transforms into the blue dragon Brimscythe and attacks Vox Machina, the group unites, leveraging their individual strengths to defeat Brimscythe. Recognizing their heroism, Sovereign Uriel rewards Vox Machina with their own keep and titles them Protectors of the Realm — which coincides with a new threat en route to Emon.

The Blue Dragon Strikes Again 

Continuing from Part 1, the Arms of Emon set up camp outside the city. News of Shale Steps’ destruction has reached the city, yet the identity of the creature responsible remains a mystery. General Krieg delivers a stirring speech to boost his soldiers’ morale.

“We don’t need to know the enemy, we only need to know ourselves — our training, our devotion to this land,” Krieg asserts. “No matter the danger, victory is ours if we fight with honor and raise our swords on high.”

Tragically, the encampment falls under a surprise attack by the blue dragon, who effortlessly destroys the entire platoon.

How to Defeat a Blue Dragon

Meanwhile, Vox Machina returns to the Tal’Dorei Council in Emon, revealing the unknown threat to be a blue dragon — a fact the council already knows. Doubting Vox Machina’s ability to deal with the dragon, the council approves Krieg’s suggestion to relocate Emon’s troops to rural areas, despite Kima of Vord’s concerns.

As Vox Machina exits the palace, Vex experiences another painful twinge in her head. Suspecting collusion between the dragon and one of the council members. She and the group suspect that the unpleasant Sir Gregory Fince might be involved, prompting them to split up.

Pike and Vax head to Gilmore’s Glorious Goods for information on a blue dragon’s weaknesses. While store owner Shaun Gilmore flirts with Vax, Gilmore explains there’s no simple way to kill a dragon and poetically complex dragon lore doesn’t help. To demonstrate, Gilmore reads a cryptic verse from a book on how “the Wyrm shall only find defeat in the gorge where the twin rivers meet” but offers no clear solutions.

Betrayal Revealed

Elsewhere, Grog and Scanlan spot Fince in the town square and trail him to a large manor, discovering it belongs to Krieg. After Scanlan brings the rest of the party to the estate, Vax is able to pick the lock using a toothpick from Grog’s sandwich. 

Descending into the cellar, they catch Fince stuffing scrolls into his pockets. Vox Machina accuses Fince of plotting to kill Krieg, but he claims he’s collecting evidence against the general. Before he can explain, Krieg sneaks behind Fince and kills him with his sword, revealing Krieg’s treachery. Mocking the group, Krieg admits he only vouched for them because of their incompetence and that the group has “no idea what you have gotten yourself into.”

The group follows Krieg into the next room, but he’s nowhere to be found. While everyone searches for a hidden exit, Keyleth notices a rug depicting five chromatic dragons. Grog is distracted by a pin-up tapestry of a nude red dragonborn woman, which turns out to be a secret portal. The portal brings them to the dragon’s lair — a cold mountain cavern filled with treasure. As Keyleth examines four ominous orbs placed on the cavern’s walls, one of them transforms into a monstrous green eye while a female voice whispers, “intruders.”

Showdown with Brimscythe

Soon, Vox Machina is confronted by General Krieg. Vex accuses him of sending soldiers out of Emon to make the city defenseless against the dragon. Krieg boasts of how the Age of Man is coming to an end, then transforms into the blue dragon the group has been hunting — Brimscythe, the Iron Storm. Round two is just as intense as their last battle, with the group struggling to get any hits in. As Vax watches Brimscythe charging his lightning breath, he remembers what Gilmore said about “the gorge where the twin rivers meet” — the neck is a weak spot. 

Working together, the group devises a plan: Scanlan uses an illusion to trick Brimscythe so Keyleth and Percy can pin him down. Scanlan uses his bardic magic to propel Vax towards the blue dragon, allowing him to slice its neck open with his knife. This creates an opening for Vex to fire an arrow blessed with Pike’s magic into the wound. Finally, Grog goes into a rage, hurling himself at Brimscythe and slamming his axe down into the dragon’s skull. The group escapes the collapsing cavern, but not before Vax leaves behind the silver coin he gave to the little boy as tribute.

In recognition of Vox Machina’s heroism, Sovereign Uriel declares them Protectors of the Realm and honorary members of the Tal’Dorei Council. He presents them with a key and a deed to their own keep to remain close to Emon. Concerned that Krieg was part of a larger conspiracy, Uriel arranges an important banquet to discuss the matter with various dignitaries.

Trouble on the Horizon 

Outside Emon, three bandits block the road, attempting to rob a carriage. One of the passengers, Lord Briarwood, effortlessly kills the bandits using inhuman strength, while his wife calmly sips her tea despite the blood splattering the windows.

“I hope it wasn’t too much trouble, Sylas,” Delilah says to her husband.

“Delilah, my dear… it was nothing,” Sylas responds as their carriage continues its journey to Emon.

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