Devilian ~ Dungeon: The Krandlash Den (Evoker)

A solo run of the second dungeon in Devilian. The rating system at the end gives players a reason, other than item rewards, to rerun dungeons.


This is the second dungeon you encounter in the game. The dungeons can be run either solo or with a group. The rating system is B, A, S, and SS with SS being the top rating. The better the rating, the better rewards received. I am surprised I enjoyed the game as much as I did. The game is due to release by the end of the year. I intend to check it out upon release.

Let’s get the elephant out of the room. Trion Worlds does not have the best reputation with free to play games (ArcheAge is still vivid and many player’s minds). I am cautiously optimistic but do realize I have no problem walking from a game if I am too at odds with the decisions the game developers/publishers make. So far, I am not seeing anything alarming and Bluehole is pretty good at not making games pay to win (look at TERA). Time will tell.

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