Family Tree Update 20180202

I am blown away by what I am finding out about my family through DNA matches. I have family in places I would have sworn I didn’t.

Working on my family tree, I’m still wrapping my brain around having family in places I didn’t realize I had family. Like Texas; I have lots of family in Texas and South Carolina. I thought my maternal family migrated from there but I guess not. It seems I have a lot of family still living there. It’s a shame I didn’t realize this earlier because my cousin David was just there, last summer I think.

If you are doing family tree research, I recommend uploading to MyHeritage (you can upload raw DNA, for free, from AncestryDNA for example). I am getting matches there that are not duplicating anywhere else. I also like their chart better. Ancestry needs to take notes. It’s much easier to understand how someone is related and so far, it’s been accurate.

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