I did something new this holiday season. Usually my friends stop through some time during the day (before Christmas), especially if they are obligated for family time on Christmas. This year, we had the bright idea of having some fun while they wrapped Christmas gifts so my core group of friends came over my house. A little while ago I couldn’t believe my ears when I said, “Why don’t you guys stay over?”. My friend Yo snapped her head around then started to smile and she said, “Yeah, we can cook a big breakfast in the morning [Christmas] before everyone heads out to do their Christmas thing”.

Astonishingly, that went over with glee. Tis the season.

I pulled my laptop out to type an entry real quick (I won’t be in the mood on Friday and I’m not doing it on Christmas) and I looked around me. My house is a home. I’m creating memories in my home. I wondered about when I get into a relationship or get married would I be doing the same thing?

Probably…instead of my friends it would be our friends.

Because in the end, it’s about being around the people your care about and are having a good time with. I’m looking around me as I type this. I know the kids are upstairs looking forward to Christmas morning (Christmas Eve is THE night they trip over themselves going to bed), the music is playing, eating, drinking, dancing and the beautiful sound of laughter. Happiness. Companionship. Love. Appreciation.

Home…and I look forward to creating a new one because I finally feel like I “get it”.

Have a wonderful and safe holiday season. See you on the flip side!

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