How Xal’atath Threatens Azeroth in The War Within

Her whispers echoed in the shadows, promising power. Now, free from her prison, Xal’atath hungers to consume Azeroth.

Summary (TL;DR)

Xal’atath, an ancient entity whispering promises of power, is back and badder than ever in the upcoming expansion, “The War Within.” This deceptive entity once resided in a powerful artifact wielded by Shadow Priests, manipulating them from the shadows. Now, free and possessing a High Elf’s body, Xal’atath amasses a shadowy army to usher in an age of Void dominance. But unanswered questions linger. How did she acquire the artifact previously held by the mysterious Iridikron? And will Alleria Windrunner, marked by the Void’s touch, become an ally or a foe in the coming conflict? The answers promise an epic showdown between light and darkness!

A Whisper in the Void

Imagine a voice, slithering through the shadows, offering whispers of power that are as seductive as they are dangerous. This is Xal’atath, an ancient entity older than time itself, and she’s back with a vengeance in the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion, “The War Within.” But who is she, and why should heroes tremble at her very name?

Origins and Threat: A Deceptive Entity

Xal’atath predates even the majestic Titans, the architects of creation. She embodies the destructive power of the Void, a realm of madness and oblivion that hungers to consume all existence. The Titans imprisoned Xal’atath and her monstrous kin, the Old Gods, deep within the world of Azeroth. But even from their confinement, the Old Gods weave their insidious influence, corrupting hearts and minds with promises of power.

Interesting Fact: The Old Gods don’t need physical freedom to spread their darkness. Their whispers can pierce the strongest wills, slowly twisting even the most noble heroes towards a path of destruction.

The Black Empire’s Shadow

Before the Titans intervened, Azeroth writhed under the dominion of the Old Gods. This dark era is known as the Black Empire, a time when monstrous servants swarmed the land, driven mad by the whispers of their masters. Xal’atath, as one of the Old Gods, played a key role in this reign of terror. She twisted the minds of mortals, turning them into willing servants and amplifying the Old Gods’ corrupting influence. Her insidious whispers are what fueled the relentless expansion of the Black Empire, leaving a legacy of suffering that scars Azeroth to this day.

The Shadow Priest Artifact: A Seductive Deception

Fast-forward countless millennia after the Titans’ intervention. Xal’atath, though imprisoned, never stopped scheming. During the Legion expansion, her influence slithered back into the world by manifesting within the Blade of the Black Empire. The potent artifact is coveted by Shadow Priests, heroes who teeter on the knife’s edge between light and shadow.

For these priests, Xal’atath became a twisted tool. Her voice, a serpentine whisper, offered guidance and intoxicating promises of power. Yet, a subtle darkness laced her words. She spoke of forbidden truths and embracing the shadows for a “greater good”. Were these genuine suggestions or malicious manipulations fueling a hidden agenda? The line between ally and deceiver was as thin as a shadow, and wielding Xal’atath meant playing with a fire that could consume even the strongest will.

A Whisper Unleashed

Azeroth’s heroes have weathered countless storms, but few are as cunning as Xal’atath. In the upcoming expansion, “The War Within,” her malignant whispers finally coalesce into a horrifying reality: Xal’atath is no longer a prisoner, but a formidable entity unleashed from the shadows.

Her first move? Amassing a shadowy legion. Across Azeroth, her whispers, like a plague, infect vulnerable minds. Corrupted creatures and those teetering on the edge of darkness flock to her call, their growing numbers a chilling testament to her manipulative power. Her objective? To shatter the fragile peace and usher in an age of unending Void where light withers before the encroaching shadows.

But Xal’atath, a being of pure Void energy, needs a physical form to wreak havoc. This is where a tragic figure named Inanis, a High Elf, enters the story. In Battle for Azeroth, Inanis succumbed to the corrupting touch of a Void Stone, a fragment of the Void’s essence. Weakened and vulnerable, Inanis became the perfect vessel for Xal’atath’s malignant presence. Seizing this opportunity, Xal’atath possesses Inanis’ body after she died, gaining a foothold in the physical world and a terrifying new weapon in her war against Azeroth.

A Mask of Mortality: A Fragile Weapon

By possessing Inanis’ body, Xal’atath donned a deceptive humanoid form. No longer a disembodied whisper, she could now stalk the physical world in humanoid form. Disguised as a High Elf, Xal’atath can exploit the trust of unsuspecting heroes, manipulating them face-to-face with a seductive facade.

However, her new form carries a grim truth. Can Xal’atath perpetually tether herself to a decaying shell? Or will Inanis’ body eventually succumb, leaving the monstrous entity exposed once more? This uncertain fate adds another layer of peril to Xal’atath’s threat. Even in potential defeat, she could lash out in a desperate bid to cling to her stolen existence, a cornered beast fighting for its unholy survival.

Shadows Still Linger: Unanswered Threats

Even as Xal’atath steps into the spotlight, shadows cling to her like a shroud.


The Blade of the Black Empire, the artifact that once housed Xal’atath, offers tantalizing clues. N’Zoth, desperate for a weapon capable of harming his own kind, coveted the Blade. He severed Xal’atath’s essence from the dagger, freeing her to possess a High Elf form, while claiming the weapon for himself. Did Xal’atath serve N’Zoth willingly, or was she simply a pawn for his own gain? Ultimately, N’Zoth met his demise in the Battle of Azeroth, leaving Xal’atath free and with a potentially vengeful agenda. Does she seek to fulfill their shared goal in N’Zoth’s absence, or does she pursue her own sinister agenda, unburdened by his control? Unraveling these mysteries promises a war unlike any Azeroth has faced before.


Intriguingly, the artifact Xal’atath now possesses has a shrouded past. It was previously held by Iridikron, one of the four powerful Primal Incarnates. These ancient proto-dragons rejected the Titans’ order magic, embracing the raw power of their elemental aspects. Iridikron embodies the earth’s might, a formidable force manipulating the ground itself.

While details about his motivations remain unclear, Iridikron’s connection to the artifact adds another layer of intrigue. Did she steal it, or was there a more sinister agreement? This unanswered question hints at a potential conflict between Xal’atath and the remaining Primal Incarnates. Furthermore, Iridikron’s past as a proto-dragon raises the possibility of a deeper connection to the Void, further muddying the waters. Ultimately, Xal’atath’s possession of the artifact deepens the mystery surrounding her goals and hints at a complex power struggle within the forces of darkness.

Alleria Windrunner

But Xal’atath might not face the coming conflict alone. Alleria Windrunner, a seasoned ranger, has also been brushed by the Void’s corrupting whispers. Her new, Void-tainted visage hints at a potential transformation. Could she succumb to the darkness and become an unwitting ally to Xal’atath?

Perhaps not. Alleria’s exposure to the Void might have ignited a burning purpose. Recent lore suggests Alleria might be hunting Xal’atath. Driven by vengeance or a desperate hope to control the Void’s influence, Alleria could become a pivotal figure in the fight against Xal’atath. However, her ultimate motives remain shrouded in secrecy, adding another layer of intrigue to the brewing conflict.

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