I remember when I was growing up the neighborhood kids would play in our backyards. We might be four or five houses from our home but we’d have to be with in range. See, we had to hear when our parents called us and told us it was time to come in. And we had to be able to tell who’s parent was calling.

Not these days. Kids have to respond to the cell phone.

When I was growing up if we saw something “wrong” (someone being mugged, someone stuck on the highway, etc) we’d do something to help. There were many times my Mom would stop when she saw a woman stranded on the highway. Although she wouldn’t give them a ride she would call a tow truck for the woman…something.

Now, we don’t do anything because we don’t want to get involved.

I remember when my Mom used to take me to the shoe store to have a pair of shoes repaired. Buster Browns…

Are there shoe repair people? Haven’t seen that as a career lately. This is the Disposable Era.

When I was little when I looked at TV it was a big deal for a couple of “sleep” in the same bed. Adult material was shown after the kids went to bed. It was unheard of for a sex scene to be on during the day.

Now I couldn’t shelter my kids from sex scenes if I wanted to.

When I was little sex didn’t enter the picture until 14-15, usually around 16. If a girl got pregnant, and she was in a private school, she’d be expelled (breaking the religion’s rules). It was a very good deterent not to get pregnant and girls were a lot more cautious.

Today, 13 year olds have babies – and they had sex at 11.

Things have changed and I’m not digging it. Kids aren’t smarter in the common sense department than we were (if you are in my age group). Matter of fact, most pale in comparison, and that really saddens me. I work hard to make sure my daughter doesn’t fall into that trap, but it isn’t easy.

Adults will do something they know is wrong and expect to get away with it. If I get caught speeding I don’t say a damn thing because I know I was. I took a risk, I lost, I shut up and pay the price. If I do something wrong I take responsibility for my actions. Many people don’t – they try to get out of it when they know they did wrong.

So how can we expect our kids to be any better?

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