Men Traps: Which one of my friends…

Let’s say your girl says:

“I have a question for you. If we weren’t together, and we never met, which one of my friends would you ask out?”

Dude, there is only one acceptable answer to this question:

“Baby, none of your friends interest me like that. I wouldn’t ask any of them out.”

When you respond you have to be smooth, there cannot be a hesitation, matter of fact practice so when the day comes your answer is so natural you should have earned an award. But in truth, one might pop in your mind. If one does, even while you are reading this, that moment is the time to mentally disconnect from this woman. Picture her friend in a way that permanently turns you off. Get rid of the crush because it will only cause you problems in the end.

Note I didn’t recommend you should tell her she’s the prettiest of the bunch so why would you pick anyone else but her? That’s a player’s line – don’t touch it. If she is seeking reassurance that you think she’s beautiful she’ll have to find another way. Your goal, as a man, is to be honest (didn’t I say get rid of the crush?) and sincere with your answer.

You got past that part…now comes the bigger test. These questions don’t come out of thin air. Women aren’t stupid. Yes, it might be insecurity on her part but it could also be that she suspects your crush or she is curious why you picked her if her friend is prettier, has a better figure, etc. Meaning, she might accept your words but might keep an eye on you around her friend in the future. Your actions must match your words.

Which is why I said get rid of the crush. Seriously, get rid of it if you have it.

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