RhymeTyme: Happy New Year 2016

I might make this a tradition. Starting the new year with a rhyme.

I’m looking forward to 2016
I intend to make lots of green
Make a big splash on the scene
Using the dignity and grace of a Queen.

I say all the time “Do You!”
Don’t put life on hold like it’s a queue
Learning lessons from all you’ve been through
You want to look back and see you didn’t crawl, you flew

It’s time for me to follow my own advice
2016, other’s drama I will NOT pay the price
I detest drama. I like things peaceful and nice.
Keep pushing me though. I will be that bitch…cold as ice.

It’s time for me to come out of my shell.
I have stories and experiences I want to tell.
Some of them went well. Some of them I fell.
Either way, I gained wisdom, so it turned out swell.

It’s time to love
A love that fits me like a glove
One I never want to get rid of
Blessed from the Man above

New experiences can cause fear
Let me make something clear
That does not mean the new experiences won’t make you cheer
You’re behind the wheel of your life. You decide how you steer.

Hold the ones you love near.
Show, by your actions, your words are sincere.
The year long party is about to begin…might want to grab a beer.
Happy New Year!

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