Appreciation and beauty in unlikely places

During the mining op on Sunday (EVE) we just started to mine when I heard engines. I mentioned previously that I dread the sound because I hope they are not coming for my elderly neighbors. Sunday was the day. With dread, I looked out the window, saw all the trucks, went downstairs and stood on the porch. The same police officer I saw last month was standing outside, saw me, nodded and smiled. A few minutes later she walked out of the house, with the assistance of the EMS guys, and I breathed a huge sigh of relief. That’s a good sign, her walking out. The police officer nodded again and I smiled back, smiled at my neighbor, blew her a kiss and went back in the house. I wanted her to get to the hospital ASAP so I did not go over there. Her husband and daughter were there so I went back to the mining op after making sure the kids were okay, grateful that I was among friends.

Yesterday, she returned home and today I got the chance to talk to her briefly. I’m so glad she is okay. After seeing her, the kids and I took a long walk. We saw some of the prettiest flowers in very random places. Beauty in unlikely places. I often see people say they like the city, even those that I think live in “better” cities. I’m beginning to see what they mean…I think. Not enough to stay but to appreciate it more.

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