GOT7’s “Never Ever” Marks the End of Their ‘Flight Log’ Era

The K-pop boy band Flight Log: Arrival EP is the final installment of their Flight Log album trilogy.


K-pop boy band GOT7 completes their Flight Log album trilogy with the release of Flight Log: Arrival, which dropped on March 13th.

Seven of the eight songs on the EP  “Paradise”, “Shopping Mall”, “Sign”, “Go Higher”, “Q”, “양심없이 (Don’t Care)” and “Out” were written and composed by the members. The only exception to this is the title track “Never Ever”, which was written and produced by JYP Entertainment founder J.Y. Park and producers EarAttack and HeavyMental.

The music video for “Never Ever” shows Jinyoung being rescued by the other members of GOT7 after is car drives off a bridge. You also get the see the boys rock a more mature and manlier image compared to their previous music videos.

Flight Log: Arrival marks the end of a year long trilogy series that started with the release of their Flight Log: Departure EP back in March 21, 2016. The group’s second full length album, titled Flight Log: Turbulence was released months later on September 27, 2016.

Support GOT7 by downloading their Flight Log: Arrival EP or by purchasing the physical CDs. There are two versions, the Never version and the Ever version.

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